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INFO 12-Jun-20 04:28 AM
Android APK don't install any animixplay APK they are unofficial/fake clone
Progressive Web Apps (iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, etc) This will add app icon in your desktop/homescreen to open website standalone like an app. Open the website and click 'install app'. or install manually by 'add to homescreen'.
INFO 12-Jul-20 11:46 AM
Tips for Searching - Use anime info page 'related' tab to see sequel, prequel, ova, etc. - Use A-Z List if want see all variant of anime franchise. - Use full search if quick search give no result.
INFO 21-Jun-20 03:52 PM
About External Player This open third party websites to play videos, may also display ads from there. If you don't want to see it, use uBlock origin (ad blocker) or switch to internal player.

About Internal Player (Switch) On some stream we provide internal player to switch. It's using our own player. Internal player is not always available, and may load bit slow on old anime.

About multiple streams Besides player & server options AniMixPlay also have multiple separate independent stream. Use other stream if what you currently use have a problem. Stream availability & best option is different depend on what anime and time, so just try yourself what best for that moment.
FAQ 24-May-21 05:22 PM
I have problem when playing video, what can i do? 1. Try reload the player. 2. Try in incognito mode, disable browser extension, or clear browser cache. 3. Try switch to external player then choose all different server. (Server options on top right or bottom right depend on what stream). 4. If still have problem, try change stream. *note : player ≠ server ≠ stream
INFO 09-Feb-21 12:50 AM
Stream Types (not always true, just generalization) GOGO [Ad-Free, Overlay] : can switch player, have multiple servers, best anime availability. API [Overlay ad] : reliable server, have overlay ad, relative low file size. AL [Mixed] : Server vary wildly between anime, some have dozen server option, some other dead. RUSH [Ad] : have popup ads, multiple server options. last resort to use if other stream didn't give good result.
Website Keyboard Shortcuts L : toggle lights ] : go to next episode [ : go to previous episode . : next frame , : previous frame Shift + ←/→ : seek 80s (skip opening) ← ←/→ → : (double tap) seek 80s (mobile only) standard video player keys : Space, F, K, M, , , ,
FAQ 08-Mar-21 04:33 PM
What is sandbox on/off ? Sandbox will prevent external player to open any popup, mainly used to block popads, some server not allow you to use sandbox so you can turn it off if neccesary. . How are watchlist arranged? List is in chronological order. latest anime you watch will be on top.
. How to delete all anime in my account? go to 'control panel' then click 'Account' on right menu, in there you will find button to clear all anime in your account.
. When I finish an anime, will it automatically go back to my watchlist once a new episode is released? no, if you finish an anime it mean finish the whole series. so it will stay as finished even new episode come out. if it still airing better to let it in your watchlist.
. Cast support? in iOS use airplay (button in bottom right), chromecast need app, while on android use this app
. What number on sidebar tracking mean? Current ep = episode played right now Tracked = what recorded in account Finish this eps = mark current episode as finished (move 'tracked' to next episode)
. How to change video quality? Check player setting at bottom right of video. If not exist, try switch to external player. try server StreamSB, Multi quality, or Xstream. The quality option place is different depend on the player, usually at bottom right. multiple quality is not always available. Different stream also can have different quality.
. How to remove black bars in my phone? not possible here, because it's the correct video shape stretching video will make it look bad, or cropped. not how it supposed to look. The problem is in your phone screen size. If you really want to do that download the video & play using other video player that have that setting.
. How to reset password? if you still logged-in, you can reset password by follow instruction in help page at user panel. But if you not logged-in, you need to ask admin to reset it (send discord dm).
. Is autoplay, proxy, lights, subtitle, etc premium only feature? no, premium benefit is able to set default behavior, normal user still can use all that feature above manually.
. How i 'bookmark' an anime? Add anime to watchlist by clicking the +watchlist button on stream page, you can manage watchlist in user panel. You can also 'follow' airing anime to keep up with the new episode release. 'Followed' tab in homepage will display number of episode you haven't watch from the anime you follow.
. Why i can't follow an anime? Follow only for airing series (to track new episode) so if anime already completed you can't follow them. but you still can add that anime to your watchlist.
. Why the video buffering? my internet is good most likely server busy, try switch to external player, or change server. if that not work, switch the stream. or wait some time until the server not busy.
. What difference between streams & servers? Stream = video source, different stream can be different video encoding, quality, subtitles, etc. Server = mirror host on same video stream.
. Which stream type is the best? depend on what anime you watch. there is no clear answer, you need to try compare yourself for each anime.
. Autoplay & Autonext support? Autoplay is on 4ani stream, and Autonext is on all internal player.
. Watch together feature? use dedicated website/extension like or it far better because you can use that for any site.
. Don't forget to also check help page in User Panel
FAQ 17-Apr-21 04:57 AM
Android app showing address bar, how to fix it? install PWA from the app with step below, or install official apk from #website-info. and uninstall the old app.
FAQ 18-Apr-21 02:58 AM
MAL Sync? use malsync browser extension ( for sync. built in animixplay only import & export, not sync.